Karli Brock

Karli Brock

Personal Trainer

Karli has a passion for helping people set and reach their fitness goals. With over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of clientele, she creates individual programs to ensure lasting results while making it enjoyable. Karli has a BS in Exercise Science and is ACSM Certified.


Randy Rodriguez

Personal Trainer

Randy’s passion for fitness was discovered in his early 20’s after hearing stories from friends enlisted in the armed forces about their training experiences and “Fitness Tests”. Beginning slowly with running, sit-ups and push-ups Randy began exploring and experimenting with his physical work capacity on his own and almost immediately fell in love with the effects of training. He quit his “day job” and pursued an education in Exercise and Wellness, and as they say the rest is history. In college Randy’s personality and dedication to health and wellness stood out and he was recruited by one of the industry’s top-tier boutique fitness franchises to coach classes as well as personally train clients, putting his education and knowledge into a real-world community environment. An environment he thrives in. Today, retaining his “self-made” mentality, Randy has furthered his knowledge of coaching multiple methods from Olympic lifting to trail running. He personally understands that there are no shortcuts, that you must put in the work, regardless your starting point, to reap the benefits you desire. Along with training at the gym you can almost talk Randy into doing anything that gets him outside. Whether it be hiking, swimming or even yard work…he’s game. He loves “the grind” and the community of like-minded people that come with it “striving to get better

Don’t need a trainer, but want a program built especially for you? Schedule some time to meet with a trainer and let them create a workout routine customized to help you achieve your individualized goals.

Be sure and check out our corrective exercise specialist and nutritional guidance to further enhance your personal fitness and lifestyle needs.
Arrowhead Fitness Club’s team of experienced fitness coaches are available to help members work out safely, stay accountable, and achieve their individualized fitness goals.

Private Training Sessions

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1 Private Training Session

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Small Group Training Session

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30-minute soft tissue recovery session

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Group Training Sessions

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Program Design

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